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The Corporate section allows businesses who wish to work with Worth1000 designers to run commercial contests to get their work done. The business will simply put up a prize amount + listing fee, fill out a form that explains the nature of their contest (i.e. logo design) and what kind of results they are looking for. Worth1000 artists will then create and submit their ideas for the client to choose. It's a great opportunity for the client to get a huge selection of results and styles to pick from and for the competitors to build their portfolio and win a prize!

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Recent news

General Site Announcement: Contests submit times extended due to upload problem

Posted 1 year ago by madame_ava

All contests regularly scheduled to close tonight have been extended while Chris and team resolve the upload issue. Thanks for your patience.

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General Site Announcement: I'm Chris from DesignCrowd - Ask Me.

Posted 1 year ago by ChrisDC

Chris from DesignCrowd is online to answer your questions.

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General Site Announcement: Vote for the new site logo!

Posted 1 year ago by madame_ava

The logo contest is now open for votes! Go check it out.

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General Site Announcement: Can you color? Inside the lines, or out?

Posted 1 year ago by nikneven

Can you color?

Give it a shot in the Color Me Contest!

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General Site Announcement: Design a new logo for Worth1000! Closes on SUNDAY!

Posted 1 year ago by madame_ava

Check out the new contest to design a new logo for the site! Submission period is only 2 weeks so get busy!

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Adv. Effects Site Announcement: FXB eligibility change, please read!!

Posted 2 years ago by boofhead

Please be aware the criteria for entering and graduating from the beginners (FXB) competition in the FX arena has been changed.

In order to graduate from beginners (FXB)one must now win 3 Gold medals/trophies in Advanced or Beginner, in any combination.

Players who have graduated under the old system, but have not yet won 3 Beginner or Advanced Gold are now free to enter beginner (FXB) competitions again.

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Adv. Illo Site Announcement: About References!

Posted 2 years ago by nikneven

So, why do we reference? I mean, especially in beginners where the rules are a little looser, why would I link that awesome photo I drew? Well, it comes down to the fact that we are not copy machines. I am not Kinko’s and you are not Xerox. Do we allow more referencing in beginner’s, of course, because working off of some other piece of art allows greenhorns to work on technique. Things like hands are hard. Sometimes you just need to close ref a hand to get it right.

However, here in the advanced competitions, we make our own art. We don’t subscribe to the idea that a photo redrawn in digital pen is an entirely new work. We are not saying that your work cannot be derivative; just that if you ascribe to a medal in the Worth1000 Advanced Illustration arena, then the art must be your own.

Does this mean an original composition will be DQ’d if you draw (not TRACE) a hand in the same position? Hell no. Hands are hard! Ref’s are good! It just means that a piece of art that started life as a photo is not a NEW piece of art if you copy it into a different medium. If you need ref’s use them! Lorem and I both do! It is the combination of ref’s into a new work of art that marks an image as advanced.

Now, beginners is a whole other ball game. We allow “Close Referencing” because sometimes you really do need to concentrate on learning how to draw something that is already there. That’s why we REQUIRE references to be linked. We’ve been lax on this recently, but that will be chaging with the new year, and with the addition of our new Admin: Oberdarts62 . If you do not link your reference in Beginners, you will be DQ’d. If you think that after a combined decade and a half, Lorem and I can’t spot a trace, you are crazysauceier than Miss Cyrus. If you "totes swear" that no, really, you can draw that well, then you may be DQ’d for entering a contest you were over qualified for.

Fair warning: Tracing / Cheating / Questionable Ref’s time is over.

Please remember that this holiday season and links your ref’s accordingly. Not doing so may end in a DQ.

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Beg. Photo Site Announcement: New Beginner Photography contest not showing on Contest page - Link here!

Posted 2 years ago by madame_ava

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General Site Announcement: Just kidding. Please enjoy this video of puppies

Posted 2 years ago by madame_ava

...and your rank is on your stats. Check it.

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General Site Announcement: The transition to Emerge Media has completed. Please give our new fearless leaders a warm welcome!

Posted 2 years ago by JaxomLOTUS

Everyone, I just want to let you know that the final steps in the transition completed today from my end and Emerge Media now have full control of Worth1000. I know that many of you already met some of the Emerge team members, but for those of you haven't yet, please meet escronce (Evan) and fyreblade (Joe).

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